Nimbella — The next gen ServerLess and Stateful Computing

We the “Drafters” have won the IPL league that happened on HackerEarth. We have won an exciting cricket kit and developer swag as a second winner.

Exiting Isn’t it. And now, we own the swag! Yuhooo!!!! So, What say ready to play cricket?😋

So, throughout this blog I will give you details about Nimbella, our project Structure, the project Idea and Deployment on Nimbella:

About Nimbella :

Nimbella is a platform which gives pace in development and deployment of serverless applications along with ease of development. Developer does not need to worry about anything except development at all.

Cool Right?

Cherry on top Its free to use. Yes, You read it right!!!😍😍

About Our Food Track App:

India is facing major Hunger and Malnutrition issues in the awake of this pandemic.

22% Of India’s Population is below poverty line. They rely on government for their survival from food to clothing. Every now and then we hear the news that food/grains to be distributed to poor were illegally exported to foreign countries, Much of the food was lost during transit from warehouse to Food Distribution Shops, change in quality of grains being distributed to poor etc.

So, the idea here is to come up with a transparent system to keep track of quantity and quality of food, reduce corruption, reduce wastage and follow a sole logo “Food to All”.

FoodTrack App Workflow

Git Repository of Project:

About Postman:

Postman is a tool which helps in building, testing and sharing up of your APIs. It can be added as a chrome extension.

About Github:

Github is a version control tool. Many developers can look up at their peers code, use them and push their own code. It provides software hosting and tracks code changes through commit IDs.


** Signup for Nimbella

** Signup for Postman

** Signup for Github- https://github.comNimbella App Creation And

Deployment Steps-

  1. Nimbella Project Structure creation usingnim project create:[projectName]
  2. Project deployment usingnim project deploy
  3. An action is the core functionality in a nimbella serveless architecture.
  4. Nimbella Action Invokenim action invoke [actionName]

Developing and Deploying an application using nimbella is that easy

Development Tools To Be Used-

> Eclipse/ Visual Studio Code — Development

> Github — Version Control

> Nimbella — Deployment

> Postman- API Creation and Testing

Jenkins- CI/CD Pipeline

Some Useful Nimbella Commands:

> Authentication- nim auth login

> Watch out for Current Namespace nim auth current

> Invoke Action — nim action invoke HelloWorld

> Nimbella Help Command — nim — help

> List all actions — nim action lists

To Learn more about Nimbella checkout for Nimeblla documentation:

Have any Questions? Please comment below and I will reach out for your help soon.

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