We the “Drafters” have won the IPL league that happened on HackerEarth. We have won an exciting cricket kit and developer swag as a second winner.

Exiting Isn’t it. And now, we own the swag! Yuhooo!!!! So, What say ready to play cricket?😋

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So, throughout this blog I will give you details about Nimbella, our project Structure, the project Idea and Deployment on Nimbella:

About Nimbella :

Nimbella is a platform which gives pace in development and deployment of serverless applications along with ease of development. Developer does not need to worry about anything except development at all.

Cool Right?

Cherry on top Its free to use. …


Rimi Gandhi

I am an IT enthusiast gaining and sharing knowledge worldwide. I have been working in fortune 500 companies since long.

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